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Published: February 18, 2020  Updated: February 18, 2020 at 7:25 am EST

Complacency is defined as, ‘a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements,’ and often leads to a lack of conviction or lack of repentance. Crossing the Church over, there are many instances where Christians, even those decades into faith, can be unwittingly complicit in the devil’s scheme of complacency.

Though we grow with Christ continually, one nagging issue plagues all, the action of inaction. While the feeling of accomplishment is complete and peaceful, the lack of repentance leads to the devils playground of complacency. As Christians, we all struggle in our own unique way.

Day in and day out, many Christians face their own version of trials expressed in the Book of Job, but one trial which can sway a Christian into a cycle that prevents growth in faith is the overwhelming notion of complacency.

Through and through, regardless of stance at some point or another we all have felt the notion of achievement and completion, it is then that the devil enjoys to notate our progress and slip in the lack of action, contentment that leads to complacency.

Christ calls us to chase after Him, in order to accomplish such the action of repentance is required religiously, daily, if you will, and in His abundance of grace at some point or another things get “easy” but being a Christian was never meant to be easy, and that is when, we get complacent with faith.

That complacency can lead to backsliding and guilt, which drives us away from God, not closer to the King of Kings. Act now before it’s too late and repent, stay in the actionable course of salvation. Though salvation is not accomplished by works but by faith and in accordance with our faith, we complete the action of repentance in order to further our intimacy with God. Grow closer to the Lord, He wants You.

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