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Published: December 23, 2019  Updated: December 23, 2019 at 8:48 am EST

An Italian exorcist warned that society is in trouble, and has raised the alarm over what he calls “aggressive satanism.” The exorcist said that his concerns are in regards to the younger generations because they lack strong role models and are heavily influenced by cultural secularism.

Dominican Priest Francois Dermine stated that exposure to the demonic at a young age manifests violence. “There are many groups of satanism,” Dermine said. One reference the exorcist used was the “Charlie Charlie Challenge,” in which young people would cross two pencils on a grid with sectors marking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and ask a supernatural entity to answer questions.

Further, Dermine said that “Satanism is getting much more aggressive and diffused.” The reason, according to Dermine, is because of secularism. “Secularization leaves a void,” he said, explaining that alongside it is a “sort of spiritual, ideological and also cultural void. Young people do not have anything to satisfy their spiritual and profound needs. They are thirsting for something, and the Church is not attractive anymore.”

One example of the normalization of Satanism, he said, is the recent book, A Children’s Book of Demons, which was published in May and is directed to children aged 5-10 years of age. Penned by Aaron Leighton, an award-winning illustrator and known fan of occult practices, the book contains colorful images of some 20 different demons and teaches kids the sigil, or magical symbol, for the demons and how to summon them.

“Satanism is not always so explicit, but it is becoming more and more so, and the publication of this book is a sign of this,” Dermine said, noting that just a few years ago a book like this would have been inconceivable, “but now it’s not.”

One of the main reasons behind younger generations falling away is the complete breakdown of the family structure. Further, young people no longer view the Church as a viable resource for answers. The result of which has left children hungry for answers, which they find in the wrong places.

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“Education of young people is poorer and poorer,” he said. “Couples are collapsing. Children are left alone; they are destabilized, and they don’t have any defenses,” so when they face pressure from peers to join in an occult activity, especially with the promise that the devil will give them power in exchange for loyalty, it’s hard to resist.

“If (children) have received love in their own families, it would be much more difficult to follow these kinds of ideologies. It would be much more difficult to penetrate their minds,” he said, adding that, “If the adult world does not offer alternatives, it is more difficult for younger generations to adopt a stable way of life. It’s very difficult, it’s almost a miracle.”

“It’s not only a vague fear, it’s a very concrete risk. We must not underestimate this, because violence among young people is becoming more and more diffused,” he said.

“A violent mentality is very dangerous for our society, very, very dangerous,” he said, adding, “Our society risks collapse if it continues like this.”

As Satanism becomes normalized by culture, children also risk facing peer pressure because they don’t want to fall out of the loop with friends. For our youth, it is becoming incredibly hostile to grow up in a loving Christian environment. Further, as a result, children are facing a darker world, day by day.