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Published: July 8, 2020  Updated: July 8, 2020 at 8:04 am EST

Popular opinion has often said that Christianity is on the decline and that the minds of both science and atheism are on the rise. However, according to Aaron Earls and The Center for the Study of Global Christianity reality would point to the contrary; Faith is growing and people are hungry for the Word of God.

The research revealed seven key points that show the awesomeness of God, although the media and other institutions would say otherwise.

  1. Christianity is growing faster than the population
  2. Pentecostals and Evangelicals are growing the faster and are still picking up speed
  3. Atheism has peaked
  4. Christianity is growing in cities, but not fast enough
  5. The center of Christianity has moved to the global south
  6. There are more evangelism opportunities for Christians than ever
  7. The percentage of the unevangelized is shrinking.

Over and over the media and the Left have claimed that Christianity is declining, or that we don’t need God anymore. However, according to the people, we do need God more. Globally, Christianity is growing at a rate of 1.27%, the population is currently growing at a rate of 1.20%. Those numbers state that Christianity is growing faster than the population. God is on the move.

For the past several centuries, the center of Christianity has been The West; Europe, and America. However, now the center would appear to be the global South or countries such as Latin America and Africa. Currently, Christianity is barely growing in Europe (0.04% rate) and only slightly better in North America (0.56%).

The media, the left, and many other opposing forces have combatted the continued rise of Christianity in America. They have waged war against the inevitable growth, distribution, and authority of Christianity in America. Many of the policies in The West are counter-Christian and are leading those who believe to question the motive and the government at times. The government of the west is pandering to the loudest voice, rather than listening to the foundational principles which made this country the staple of the world.

However, there is good news; Atheism is on the decline. In 1970, there were over 165 million atheists in the world, today there are only 138 million. The talking heads of the media have said for years that Christianity is no longer needed, that science is the focal point of our society; yet the people disagree as more and more are becoming faithful, rather than faithless.

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